About Us

Our goal is to support publishers with Kickstarter (KS) projects in Canada. We offer a unique opportunity to not only fulfill your project's needs but also to feature your games in our store. This partnership allows us to present an exclusive collection of top-tier board games to our customers.

Our clientele includes, but is not limited to, the following publishers: Eagle Gryphon Games, NSKN (Board and Dice) Games, Turing Tumble, Cobblestone Games, Mercury Games, Knightworks, Treefrog Games, Quined Games, Goblinko, Tim Fower Games, Queen Games, Chip Theory Games, Megacorpin Games, Grey Fox Games, 25th Century Games, Evil Genius, Treecer, Van Ryder Games, Treecer, Wallace Design, and Dr. Finn.

If you are interested, contact us or setup a meeting with us to learn moer